Friday, August 26, 2011

Feeling left out

So you know about this trail that Hubby has taken me, where I saw Bambi again.  Well he's now going WITHOUT me! His schedule is a little wonky and opposite of mine so I don't blame him. However, I do not feel comfortable running the trail by myself (even though my big tough dog is with me).  My friends think I'm crazy for running so not too many volunteers there.  Therefore, I am stuck running on the boring ol' road again until Hubby and I's schedule mesh again.  

Day before yesterday was the first day that I ran across this dilemma. I was at a friends checking on her (she pulled a muscle in her back) and she offered to sit in the gym at her apartment complex while I ran on the treadmill.  So I took her up on it. I only did a mile.  I didn't want to make her sit there long. I then drove her (I say "her" but really it was me who wanted to go) to get frozen yogurt.  Momma taught me right though, gotta eat dinner before dessert.  So I had pita pit.  

Yesterday was an off day but when I got home and saw how hyper my puppy (I call all dogs puppies, no matter their age. Mine will be 3 this year) was, coupled with the fact that I only ran 1 mile instead of almost 4 the day before, I decided to take the pup out for a mile run.  I did just over a mile but didn't push myself. 

Today, well, I'm sitting on my couch blogging instead of running.  I am faced with the same dilemma.  I REALLY want to run on the trail but can't. So I sit here until I finally force myself off the couch and out the door. My tentative plan is to do 2.5 mile route around the neighborhood.  If I sit here too long I'll end up having a glass of wine instead. :) 

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