Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mixed emotions

Wednesday the girls and I went to the gym in one of their complexes to get our exercise since the weather was not great.  I hop on the treadmill all excited that I'm going to run faster than I ever have.  I have this theory that the you'll always run faster on the treadmill because it sort of propels you.  I start my warm up, fine. I begin my jog, fine.  I start running, fine. I hit my 10 min mark and I start to push because I know I'm almost at 1 mile. I keep going past the mile, great! My nike app tells me that I'm at 1.25 miles, I kept going.  I stopped at 1.5 miles to find out that it took me 17:08 to do that and my mile was at 11:34! What?! My best mile, according the nike app, is 10:38.  I'm confused. 

The only thing that I could come up with was that I set my speed too slow because of being scared I would over do it. 

But, on the bright side, the last time I ran on a treadmill (just a few months ago, mind you) I could barely run for a solid minute. So to run continuously for 17:08 is very exciting! I can't wait to do it again! (But I can. I do enjoy my rest days)

Wednesday also marked the days that I officially lost 10 lbs.  Now just to keep it off and continue to loose another 7! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pat on the back

So excited I have to write about it!

I ran again today after my awesome run yesterday with Hubby.  I was not optimistic, I started off having to pee, my dog was pulling too much, it was hot outside, but....I did great! My nike app tells me that I ran the mile in 10:38! The past 3 runs I have improved my time every time. 

I had to brag!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday has different meanings for everyone.  To me, today, it was sitting on my couch almost all day and doing nothing but watching t.v.  Hubby went out and hit the trails on his bike for a while and came home insisting we go out for a late lunch of pizza - ugh.

At about 7:30 I finally pulled myself back off the couch for a run - a 1 mile, no stopping, run!  I did it in 10:45! Even better than Friday which was 11:34!! I can't believe I shaved that much time off in just one run!  I don't think I've posted about my running since last week, my update is:

Monday- rest
Tuesday - 1.26/26:?
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - rest again
Friday - 1.95/30:56  this day was amazing - hubby did awesome at pushing me - I PR'd my mile at 11:34 that day
Saturday - went to jax and a got a new iphone 4 but no running
Sunday - see above

Seeing how much I can push myself with Hector really shows me what I can do. I love that, the fact that he is the one that pushes me and that I have that in me.  I never knew it.  In just two runs with him I've started learning my pace, it is slower than I thought but that's ok.  I have that reserve at the end that can push me just a little further.  My next step is running the full mile without slamming on the breaks right at the mile mark feeling like I'm gonna throw up.  Then continuing on. I'm getting more excited for my second 5k with Hubby middle of next month to see how much I have progressed!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

One mile, really?

Today, my Hubby decided to go on a run with me. Mind you this is the first time we have run together, I think ever. It is also, about 80 degrees outside.  We ran one single mile and I was so negative throughout it.  I am never that negative!  He pushed me which I appreciate when all I wanted to due was walk and he wouldn't let me.  I suppressed the feeling to throw up the banana I had before we left and pushed through. 

After wards I had the worst leg cramps I've had in a long time. I may have made my best mile at 11:24 but still. I don't know that it was the best way to do it. I don't feel proud of it. But Hubby says he's proud. I'm proud of him too, neither one of us are great runners but he was awesome at pushing me through! We will have to go on more runs so I can kick his butt!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feeling the gain

Now that I've been running (jog/walking) for a few months I've started feeling the gain.  I no longer have shin splints.....yay!! I can jog a lot farther than I could before and I've lost a few lbs!

Tonight's run was great - we did the usual route by the university.  My nike app didn't catch all of it but it was almost 3 miles in about 39ish min. But a long the way I would run ahead of the girls and sprint back to them then do a few butt kicks and knee highs along the way.  They thought I looked ridiculous but I loved it and felt great after! I was craving hot dog pancakes like crazy so I stopped to get hot dogs on the way home and I dug in! :)

I finished the book Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong, it was really motivating and inspiring to read.  I'm sure I will go back to reference parts of it when I go through a struggle. It is all mainly about running but its also how it is incorporated in her and her friends lives.  She gives you positive ways to look at so many situations and I love that. I highly recommend the book.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My first 5k

I made it.  From the time on 1/1/11 when I decided to do it to the finish line, I made it! The race was on 4/2/11. The night before the race I knew I needed to get my sleep so I did just that.  Got up on time ( I tried not to toss and turn that night) at about 6:30ish out the door by 7 to meet at Caitlans. We made our way to the other side of town for the race with plenty of time to get our packets, check out the other runners and make sure we knew where the bathrooms were!

Not long after we got there we were joined by the our other runner friends :)
There I am second one in from the left, cheezing away, happy and as nervous as could be. 
I am standing next to a girl who does stadiums for fun and still have a smile on face!

We stretched, ate half a banana and listened to the music. Finally it was time, we situated ourselves in our appropriate spot within the pack.  Me, Caitlan and Cailtin near the rear; Kaitlyn and Brandy up front.  Yes, me, three Caitlans and a Brandy!

And we were off, not 10 steps into it we hear a group of 4 people come up behind us squawking, literally! 3 guys and a girl all dressed in pink (it was for a benefit for research for Triple Negative Breast Cancer, hence all the pink) pink feather boas wrapped around their waste, pink shirts, shorts and a different hat on each of them. One was a flamingo head, a pig head and I forgot the other one.  It was a funny start to the race!

I had my Ipod on but it started to annoy be before I even finished the first mile so I just had the headphones around my neck for the rest of it. I did not run the entire thing, I did my usual jog a little, walk a little.  My goal for the next one is to run the whole thing. I finished in 41:26! Better than I did when I tried it the weekend before!! Yay! Only by 4 minutes but hey, still better.  Afterwards, we didn't stick around long, just enough time to take a few pics with the gator mascots and eat some gellato.

Now that I finished my first race I'm addicted.  I already have another race picked for sometime in May to do with my Hubby.  Then another in June to do with my sister-in-laws! All 5ks so I can get used to running them then maybe move up from there.  I have to say that I very proud of myself and my friends for sticking with this goal and this new adventure!

Tonight was my first run since the race.  Caitlan and I decided to go to a park instead of the usual, it was the perfect weather for it.  We ran a little over a mile and a half and when we were back at the car, all I wanted to do was go run another mile!  I decided not to, Caitlan was looking at me like I was crazy.  But I like to end on a good feeling so I am ready for the next one.