Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Goals

Yesterday began a very tough process for me.  I am now on my way to being a early riser.  I started on a Saturday because I already dislike Monday mornings so much that I knew attempting my first day at getting up early on Monday would not go well (as I have tried that many times before).  My first two days have been a success. Not as early as would have liked but way earlier than a normal weekend morning for me.  Yesterday I was up and at em' at 7:00 and out for a mile run with Hubby at about 11:55 pace.

Today was a little later, 8:00 while Hubby continued sleeping. My total mileage was 1.6 at a much slower pace. I was feeling a little hip pain, not sure what it is but didn't want to injure myself plus I having a little trouble breathing with all the humidity.  Ok no more excuses!   

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