Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oy the heat!

Recap of this past week
Monday - 1.09 miles 15:07
Wednesday - 2.57/45:55 (all walking)
Friday - 2.28/49:29 (all walking w/ stops for the dogs)
Then there was today, Sunday, after walking on my last two workout days I decided to go out and try my first 5k on my own.  I started at 9:45 this morning and it was 73 degrees now its almost 78.  Ugh. I could barely run any of it. I got used to running in the cold. My total run/walk was 3.27/47:57 the 5k was at 45:20. I'd like to cut 5 min off that for the 5k race next week but we shall see. 
I'm not very optimistic about the race next week but maybe the excitement of all the people will keep me going. Not being optimistic about just the 5k makes me worry if I'll be able to do the Rugged Warrior at the end of April.
I'll be on vacation this Tuesday and Wednesday lets hope I don't ruin all the work I've been doing!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Unknown record

Last night and today have been great.  Last night was mainly a night in with the Hubby.  I did my planned run, 5 times around the circle I live on totaling 1.87 miles in 26:37.  I alternated running 1 and walking one then I caved to that craving for a burger and fries and went to Kazbor's in town.

Today I filled up the kiddie pool for the pup and got a good laugh at her then took her on a nice long 45 min (2.65mi) walk to dry her off so she wouldn't bring her muddy paws in my house! I think I skipped the bike ride on Thursday, Caitlan and I wandered all throughout my neighborhood to the point that it was getting dark and we sat at a stop sign looking at our phone's gps to find our way home. If you know me, you know I'm very directionally challenged!

When I got home from my run yesterday I was disappointed that I hadn't broken any of my personal records.  At the end of each run it tells you the distance, time and an uplifting comment along with any records you may broken in that session. When I sat down and started looking at the records I found that I broke one on 3/9.  I apparently ran my fastest 1k which was 7:00 even. Yay! Go me.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Planning ahead

This week I have done the following (thanks to my lovely nike app):  Monday - 2.12 miles 30:57 Tuesday - nada  Wednesday -  2.16 miles 30:10 Today - Bike ride with Caitlan as soon as she gets here :)

By the time I was done with my run on Wednesday I had already planned out Fridays run - I take that as a good sign.

I've been following a few other runners on their blog and its hard not to get discouraged.  I know, I know I'm not supposed to compare, but who doesn't!?  I think I need to find some beginner runners to follow, the ones I do now can go out and run 5-10 miles easy. 

Anyways - some of my struggles right now are: still finding my footing - I've gotten a little better about not slamming down really hard on my left foot when I land but it's still not quite right.  I'm also still finding my pace. I think started out the wrong way, sure I began by just walking a little bit a few times a week which is fine.  But when I started incorporating running I started off with a "go big or go home" attitude.  I also have the girls I am running with - which is great - and at first I was using them to push me and I think I pushed too hard which ended up hurting me.  So, that leaves me with a few months of time in and I'm just now working on my footing and my pace. But hey, I'm still doing it and excited about it! I've also lost roughly 7lbs! I have goal of another 4-5 lbs by race day. Then another 5 by the end of April.   We'll see if I cave to my craving for a juicy burger tonight. :)

Oh yea, HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! Nothing special planned here...Hubby has to work. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mini Vaca

Today Hubby and I decided to go to St. Augustine beach for a little relaxation. We of course brought the dog and we brought the bikes.  So I got my exercise in!  I have no idea how far we went and I don't really care I just enjoyed it. It was a little chilly (for my floridian self) I think in the high 60's.  We rode to find lunch and had awesome pizza.  A little more time on the bike then resting next to the ocean and we were off to head home but...had to stop at Rita's and get a blendini (ice, custard and oreo's)!!
Tomorrow back to running.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Multi tasking at its best

SO... I get out of work today an hour early, wahoo! I decide to hit the book store, there is something calming about wandering a book store no matter what your looking for.  I chalk that up to my many, many wanders around bookstores growing up! I ended up spending about 2 hours in 2 different stores looking at running books.  I didn't find the one wanted but I think I might get the one, Run Less Run Faster.  I was looking for Mile Markers.  Any other suggestions?

All that time plus vising a friend in between put me at not getting home until I was famished and it was  8:30! But I forced myself to go out and run (walk/jog whatever) anyhoo.  Not the 3 miles I would have done with the girls but still a 12 minute mile, not bad, better than nothin'!  I'm not in tears and not bad pain so it is progress for me! Tomorrow...maybe a bike ride.

I am now eating my yummy homemade chicken and vegetable concoction, icing my ankle, blogging and watching junk TV.  I'm quite the multitasker!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little more about my running

So I gave a little info about me on yesterday's post but really I wanted to get into what my "stats" are on running.  I have been looking around at other runners blogs and I see how much they can run and of course what do I do but compare myself. I know, I know not the best idea.  So instead, I will post where I am at now, be proud of how far I've gotten and then continue to watch me progress! 

Right now I can jog a about .65 of a mile then I need to walk a minute.  I can pick it up after I get a breather. My best time on a mile is 12:12.  I am shooting to bring it 10:00 for the 5k.   Unfortunately what makes me need a breather is the pain in my legs and shins not that I'm tired.  I have already noticed an increase in my breathing and endurance.  

So the 5k is April 2nd but my husband also wants to do the Rugged Warrior in Waldo on April 30th! I'm excited but more nervous about that one. He did the Warrior Dash last month and it seemed like a lot a fun.

Tonight I didn't do any cardio I just did some ab work and squats and such. But I will back on the road tomorrow with the girls. Hopefully doing 3 miles. 

If anyone has suggestions for stretches to help relief the shin splints, please, do tell!

This weekend I will work on personalizing the blog a little bit, it's too plain for my taste right now. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My beginning on 1/11/11

1-11-2011The day I decided to run my first 5k!  Ha, I just realized the date. On that day, I had gone for a walk/jog (more of a walk) and on the way back I was thinking of how I had always wanted to be a runner but had never tried it really.  So I sent a text to two of my local friends forcing them to join me.  They reluctantly agreed.  Fortunately, it has worked so far to have each other to push. I also jog with my dog, Maddie, she is a 2 year old lab mix with LOTS of energy!

I know that this will be one of my greater defeats when I get to where I want to be. 

Since that first day I have been fairly good about doing some activity 3x per week.  Last week I started going for 4x. This week I am on day 3 and is only Wednesday, I would like to go for 5x. The 5k is on April 2nd and tonight was the first night since that first day that I wasn't sure that I would be ready for it in time. Tonight was the first night since that first day that I came home from my run in tears. I have terrible shin splints and a little ankle pain from a old injury.  I may be overworking myself so tomorrow I am reluctantly taking my husband's advice :) and going for a bike ride. 

So my routine is: run/walk/jog no less than 3x per week Monday, Wednesday and Friday is with friends.  We alternate houses or meet in town for a change of scenery. I have yet to jog with my husband, he does a different work out routine but he is the number one person pushing me.  He unfortunately doesn't baby me about the pain either.  :( 

My plan for this blog is to share my experience, look for others with the same difficulties as me and ask for advice on my running adventure. So any comments are greatly appreciated!