Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday has different meanings for everyone.  To me, today, it was sitting on my couch almost all day and doing nothing but watching t.v.  Hubby went out and hit the trails on his bike for a while and came home insisting we go out for a late lunch of pizza - ugh.

At about 7:30 I finally pulled myself back off the couch for a run - a 1 mile, no stopping, run!  I did it in 10:45! Even better than Friday which was 11:34!! I can't believe I shaved that much time off in just one run!  I don't think I've posted about my running since last week, my update is:

Monday- rest
Tuesday - 1.26/26:?
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - rest again
Friday - 1.95/30:56  this day was amazing - hubby did awesome at pushing me - I PR'd my mile at 11:34 that day
Saturday - went to jax and a got a new iphone 4 but no running
Sunday - see above

Seeing how much I can push myself with Hector really shows me what I can do. I love that, the fact that he is the one that pushes me and that I have that in me.  I never knew it.  In just two runs with him I've started learning my pace, it is slower than I thought but that's ok.  I have that reserve at the end that can push me just a little further.  My next step is running the full mile without slamming on the breaks right at the mile mark feeling like I'm gonna throw up.  Then continuing on. I'm getting more excited for my second 5k with Hubby middle of next month to see how much I have progressed!

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