Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feeling the gain

Now that I've been running (jog/walking) for a few months I've started feeling the gain.  I no longer have shin splints.....yay!! I can jog a lot farther than I could before and I've lost a few lbs!

Tonight's run was great - we did the usual route by the university.  My nike app didn't catch all of it but it was almost 3 miles in about 39ish min. But a long the way I would run ahead of the girls and sprint back to them then do a few butt kicks and knee highs along the way.  They thought I looked ridiculous but I loved it and felt great after! I was craving hot dog pancakes like crazy so I stopped to get hot dogs on the way home and I dug in! :)

I finished the book Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong, it was really motivating and inspiring to read.  I'm sure I will go back to reference parts of it when I go through a struggle. It is all mainly about running but its also how it is incorporated in her and her friends lives.  She gives you positive ways to look at so many situations and I love that. I highly recommend the book.

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