Saturday, March 19, 2011

Unknown record

Last night and today have been great.  Last night was mainly a night in with the Hubby.  I did my planned run, 5 times around the circle I live on totaling 1.87 miles in 26:37.  I alternated running 1 and walking one then I caved to that craving for a burger and fries and went to Kazbor's in town.

Today I filled up the kiddie pool for the pup and got a good laugh at her then took her on a nice long 45 min (2.65mi) walk to dry her off so she wouldn't bring her muddy paws in my house! I think I skipped the bike ride on Thursday, Caitlan and I wandered all throughout my neighborhood to the point that it was getting dark and we sat at a stop sign looking at our phone's gps to find our way home. If you know me, you know I'm very directionally challenged!

When I got home from my run yesterday I was disappointed that I hadn't broken any of my personal records.  At the end of each run it tells you the distance, time and an uplifting comment along with any records you may broken in that session. When I sat down and started looking at the records I found that I broke one on 3/9.  I apparently ran my fastest 1k which was 7:00 even. Yay! Go me.

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