Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oy the heat!

Recap of this past week
Monday - 1.09 miles 15:07
Wednesday - 2.57/45:55 (all walking)
Friday - 2.28/49:29 (all walking w/ stops for the dogs)
Then there was today, Sunday, after walking on my last two workout days I decided to go out and try my first 5k on my own.  I started at 9:45 this morning and it was 73 degrees now its almost 78.  Ugh. I could barely run any of it. I got used to running in the cold. My total run/walk was 3.27/47:57 the 5k was at 45:20. I'd like to cut 5 min off that for the 5k race next week but we shall see. 
I'm not very optimistic about the race next week but maybe the excitement of all the people will keep me going. Not being optimistic about just the 5k makes me worry if I'll be able to do the Rugged Warrior at the end of April.
I'll be on vacation this Tuesday and Wednesday lets hope I don't ruin all the work I've been doing!

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