Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My beginning on 1/11/11

1-11-2011The day I decided to run my first 5k!  Ha, I just realized the date. On that day, I had gone for a walk/jog (more of a walk) and on the way back I was thinking of how I had always wanted to be a runner but had never tried it really.  So I sent a text to two of my local friends forcing them to join me.  They reluctantly agreed.  Fortunately, it has worked so far to have each other to push. I also jog with my dog, Maddie, she is a 2 year old lab mix with LOTS of energy!

I know that this will be one of my greater defeats when I get to where I want to be. 

Since that first day I have been fairly good about doing some activity 3x per week.  Last week I started going for 4x. This week I am on day 3 and is only Wednesday, I would like to go for 5x. The 5k is on April 2nd and tonight was the first night since that first day that I wasn't sure that I would be ready for it in time. Tonight was the first night since that first day that I came home from my run in tears. I have terrible shin splints and a little ankle pain from a old injury.  I may be overworking myself so tomorrow I am reluctantly taking my husband's advice :) and going for a bike ride. 

So my routine is: run/walk/jog no less than 3x per week Monday, Wednesday and Friday is with friends.  We alternate houses or meet in town for a change of scenery. I have yet to jog with my husband, he does a different work out routine but he is the number one person pushing me.  He unfortunately doesn't baby me about the pain either.  :( 

My plan for this blog is to share my experience, look for others with the same difficulties as me and ask for advice on my running adventure. So any comments are greatly appreciated!

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