Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little more about my running

So I gave a little info about me on yesterday's post but really I wanted to get into what my "stats" are on running.  I have been looking around at other runners blogs and I see how much they can run and of course what do I do but compare myself. I know, I know not the best idea.  So instead, I will post where I am at now, be proud of how far I've gotten and then continue to watch me progress! 

Right now I can jog a about .65 of a mile then I need to walk a minute.  I can pick it up after I get a breather. My best time on a mile is 12:12.  I am shooting to bring it 10:00 for the 5k.   Unfortunately what makes me need a breather is the pain in my legs and shins not that I'm tired.  I have already noticed an increase in my breathing and endurance.  

So the 5k is April 2nd but my husband also wants to do the Rugged Warrior in Waldo on April 30th! I'm excited but more nervous about that one. He did the Warrior Dash last month and it seemed like a lot a fun.

Tonight I didn't do any cardio I just did some ab work and squats and such. But I will back on the road tomorrow with the girls. Hopefully doing 3 miles. 

If anyone has suggestions for stretches to help relief the shin splints, please, do tell!

This weekend I will work on personalizing the blog a little bit, it's too plain for my taste right now. 

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