Friday, March 11, 2011

Multi tasking at its best

SO... I get out of work today an hour early, wahoo! I decide to hit the book store, there is something calming about wandering a book store no matter what your looking for.  I chalk that up to my many, many wanders around bookstores growing up! I ended up spending about 2 hours in 2 different stores looking at running books.  I didn't find the one wanted but I think I might get the one, Run Less Run Faster.  I was looking for Mile Markers.  Any other suggestions?

All that time plus vising a friend in between put me at not getting home until I was famished and it was  8:30! But I forced myself to go out and run (walk/jog whatever) anyhoo.  Not the 3 miles I would have done with the girls but still a 12 minute mile, not bad, better than nothin'!  I'm not in tears and not bad pain so it is progress for me! Tomorrow...maybe a bike ride.

I am now eating my yummy homemade chicken and vegetable concoction, icing my ankle, blogging and watching junk TV.  I'm quite the multitasker!

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